The Escape Industry

THE ESCAPE INDUSTRY: How Iconic and Innovative Brands Built the Travel Business


“From the Ritz to Pan Am, Mark Tungate's brilliant book takes the reader on a grand tour of the history of the brands and experiences that have shaped the travel landscape we now take for granted.”
Claire Bridges, Founder, Now Go Create and author, In Your Creative Element

“Yesterday's world of travel - palatial hotels, elegant air transportation and class-act cruising - set standards of service and etiquette that have surprisingly survived to this day. Mark Tungate takes us on a fascinating journey through this evolution, via interviews with the proud heirs of the golden age of travel.”
Jean-Pierre Soutric, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, Oetker Collection

“Travel the world in the comfort of your chair through this book that looks at the way the travel industry has been developed by a range of innovative brands and leading companies over time. This is a different kind of book that just oozes out knowledge and interesting bits of information, but it is not a typical textbook. Far from it!”
Darren Ingram, Top 1000 Reviewer,

“The Escape Industry shows why 21st-century nomads want to experience local culture after being globalized by brands for the past 50 years”
Florian Wupperfeld, Founder, Leading Culture Destinations

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branded Beauty

BRANDED BEAUTY: How Marketing Changed the Way We Look


“From Cleopatra to modern entrepreneurs, a well-researched and amusing account of the myths that transformed ‘the art of adornment’ into a worldwide industry.”
Pascale Caussat Clerk, Cosmétique Magazine, Paris

“An opinionated and compelling account of the ingenuity and innovation behind an industry that thrives on the power of its brands.”
Peter Walshe, Senior Director, Millward Brown

“An objective examination of the beauty industry...Tungate goes through the histories of virtually all the major and growing companies selling beauty products in sharp, upscale magazine prose...with a certain twinkle and smile to his writing voice that makes for a relaxed and informative book."
By the Book Reviews
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Luxury World

LUXURY WORLD: The Past, Present and Future of Luxury Brands


“Luxury World is a captivating investigation of genuine luxury brands… Best-selling author Mark Tungate visits Swiss watchmakers, the Champagne houses of France, the diamond district of Antwerp, the luxury enclave of Monte Carlo, the discreet ateliers of the last craftsmen and a host of brands in Paris – the self-proclaimed capital of elegance. Along the way, he uncovers the true face of today’s luxury industry.”
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Branded Male

BRANDED MALE: Marketing to Men

A Global History of Advertising


"Tungate dissects the social trends that have been shaping the male consumer across a variety of sectors in recent years… Provides insights on how brands can tackle the business of engaging men in a relevant way – and the influential role that the women in their lives play."
Carisa Bianchi, President, TBWA / Chiat / Day, Los Angeles

"Finally a book that uses humour, examples and clever storytelling to shed a new light on male trends. Helps us approach male consumers as human beings and not simply as marketing targets."
Roberto Passariello, Marketing Director, Eurosport International

"Ideas, advice and insights that will help anyone aiming to get messages across to men."
David Wilkins, Special Projects Officer, Men’s Health Forum

"Both an enjoyable and enlightening insight into the life of today’s male consumer."
The Marketer


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A Global History of Advertising


A Global History of Advertising


"Immensely readable."
Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO, WPP

"A terrific book: intelligently written and thoroughly researched. A must for anyone interested in the history of advertising."
Sir Alan Parker

"A great story: full of character, fun and life."
Kevin Roberts, CEO Worldwide, Saatchi & Saatchi

"The story of the best advertising told with the accuracy of the best journalism and with the style of the best literature."
Washington Olivetto, President, W/Brasil


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Branding Style from Armani to Zara


"Tungate has distilled the very essence of the modern fashion industry in this elegantly written book. Essential reading."
Roger Tredre, Editor-in-Chief, Worth Global Style Network (WGSN)
"Cuts through the marketing magic to capture the essence of fashion brands."
Antonella Viero, Head of Communications, Diesel
"Dissects the fashion industry from high street to haute couture and gives a detailed history of fashion brands as well as explaining the influence of branding."
Media Week
"Men don’t shop seasonally, says Mark Tungate, Paris-based writer and author of Fashion Brands: Branding Style from Armani to Zara."
Financial Times
"Littered with amusing anecdotes."
"Includes brand strategy insights from designers such as Paul Smith and Deisel founder Renzo Rosso, interviews with influential industry figures and behind-the-scenes reports."
Fashion Business International
"An interesting read for anyone involved in the fashion or marketing sector."
International Textiles
" recommends this book to marketers – even those who are not fashion minded – who want to rejuvenate their creativity and pick up some new sources of inspiration and style."
"Drawing on research and interviews (he had no experience with the fashion industry before writing this book), he writes in a conversational manner for a general readership and for professionals involved with marketing."
Reference & Research Book News
"Explores the popularization of fashion and explains how marketers and branding have turned clothes and accessories into objects of desire."
Brand Republic
"This is the most fun non-fiction book that I’ve read in a long time, while simultaneously unique and useful. Written in a witty and readable journalistic style, this book unravels the magic behind an industry that uses more smoke and mirrors than Hollywood."
Anoop Maini, Chartered Management Institute (www.
"Tungate’s absorbing and thoroughly entertaining book examines the new rules of the global fashion industry… An impressive and authoritative overview of what is arguably the world’s original brand name industry."

"Journalist Mark Tungate presents a terrific overview of many key aspects of this gritty yet ephemeral business."
Reader review by Rolf Dobelli,


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The amazing world of Renzo Rosso & Diesel


"The combination of its rich graphic visuals and innovative design – a joint effort of Diesel’s internal creative team and Spanish creative collective Vasava – with texts compiled by English writer Mark Tungate make Fifty an inspiring portrait of one of the most inventive and successful companies in the fashion industry the world over."
Die Gestalten Books

"Fifty – a book that sums up and displays the unique Diesel attitude and lifestyle reflected in its collections, its business approach and its creativity applied to virtually anything, from communication to interior design. For the first time, the story of a company whose success has been built and thrives on creativity is offered in one publication."

"With the collaboration of the Spanish collective Vasava, who studied the design of the book, and Mark Tungate, the British writer who compiled the book’s text, Fifty is bursting with Diesel style from every page."


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Media Monoliths


How Great Media Brands Thrive and Survive


"The most insightful and comprehensive analysis of MTV’s international business published so far."
Bill Roedy, President, MTV Networks International
"An enjoyable read, covering media brands that are household names."
Media Week
"Essential reading for anyone interested in how the most powerful media brands exert their influence."
Bill Muirhead, founding partner, M&C Saatchi
"A well crafted analysis of how media brands achieve global greatness. Mark quickly gets under the skin of how businesses
become truly great media brands. He presents deep industry knowledge in a highly accessible and enjoyable read."
Iain Ellwood, Director, Brand Strategy, Interbrand
"This book will not only prove to be a handy reference tool for media and marketing students, it will also be a source of inspiration for practitioners themselves. Slickly written and with at least one arched eyebrow in operation at all times, Tungate’s accessible work is a welcome addition to the marketing services literature."
Gidon Freeman, Executive Editor, PR Week
"How come nobody ever did this before? Media Monoliths is thoroughly researched and exceptionally readable, one of the best books about media I’ve come across in years."
- Simon Anholt, Director of Placebrands and author of Brand New Justice – The Upside of Global Branding
"A lively perspective on some of the key media brands shaping the 21st century."
Richard Scullion, Senior Lecturer, Bournemouth Media School, UK
 "Features extensive interviews with top media bosses and editors around the world to get to the heart of how to succeed in one of the most rapidly changing and dynamic types of business today."
Bangkok Post
"A rather snappy account of the world’s leading media brands."
"Explores the marketing strategies that have enabled brands like CNN, The Times, MTV and Vogue to thrive and survive."
"Excellent survey of the world’s dominant media brands… Tungate selects the 20 most influential conduits across broadcasting, newspapers, magazine and information providers, and offers a succinct but informative overview of their past and present and suggests the factors which established their success in what is undoubtedly a brutally competitive arena."


Epica Book


The Best European Advertising


"This annual book features thousands of colour images along with a complete directory of the creative teams behind each entry. It’s a veritable who’s who of European talent."
Andrew Rawlins, president, Epica

"The closest you’ll get to a ‘how-to’ book on creative advertising."
John Pallant, Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi Europe



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