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Meet me at Harry’s

Someone whose opinion one should respect recommends Harry’s New York Bar. His name is Bond, James Bond. In the book For Your Eyes Only (1960), Bond recalls that he lost both his virginity and his wallet after a spectacularly drunken night at Harry’s. The bar is still there and quite possibly unchanged: dark wood panelling enlivened by college pennants, a long polished bar propped up by B-movie characters, waiters of an indeterminate age in smart white jackets, suavely polite amid an ambience of sophisticated raucousness. And, of course, lethally powerful dry martinis. I met the woman who later became my wife over one of these, which proves that Bond knows a thing or two about socialising. Inevitably, the bar’s signature cocktail is named after him.


Le James Bond

Into a champagne glass, drop a lump of sugar soaked in Angostura
Add some crushed ice
Pour in two ounces (5.6cl) of vodka
Top up with champagne
Add a twist of lemon peel


Harry’s New York Bar, Paris
5 rue Daunou, 2nd arrondissement, Paris
Tel: +33 (0) 1 42 61 71 14
Metro: Opéra

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